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Most artists lack focus. They are not sure what they should be working on. Consequently, they lack confidence and experience frustration, limited sales and exposure.

Do you have an action plan to advance your career?


Building a successful art career requires intentionality, persistance, support and a plan of action. 

Wherever YOU want to be in your art career, Art NXT Level can help you get there.

Building your art career can be confusing, overhwelming and even misterious. However, today artists have the tools to make it happen.

Being an artist often feels like being an outsider. To succeed, you need someone who understand what you are going through. Someone who knows both sides of the business from the artist and gallery perspective.

All you need is a guide that understands the art world. Someone in the inside with a vast network and trustwhorthy reputation. 

As an an artist, curator and gallery owner with international experience in the art world, I can help you get where you want to be in your art career.

Sergio Gomez, MFA

Artist, curator, gallery owner, podcast host, creative entrepreneur

Having a like-minded support system who has gone through what you're going through and whose mindset is at par with yours is a priceless asset all thriving artists must have!

As an emotional wellness and mindset expert (former gallerist), I believe in a wholeness approach to the art career. Taking care of the studio practice, business management and emotional wellness are the pillars to a long and enriching art career. We invite you to join us and experience the business and wellness support we provide to our community. This is what makes us unique from everyone else. We are #TeamGomez and we would love to be part of your journey.

A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Mindset & Emotional Wellness Strategist


Check out all the benefits of joining our membership group.

1. Strategic Support

This is perhaps the most valuable asset. We personally help you draft a strategic plan to go where you want to be in the future. The moment you sign up, you will recieve a set of questions to help us understand where you are and where you want to be. We then propose a path for you to discuss with us via our internal message system. We continuosly provide support, advice and resources for you to work with.

2. Instant access to our entire library of video courses to advance your art career.


• Taking Your Art Career to the Next Level Master Class

A seven-video course to advance, organize and balance your art career while maintaining your inner wellness. This course will take you from the fundamental principles of building a solid foundation to the business aspects of growing a successful art career. Instructors: Sergio Gomez, MFA and Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

• Closing the Gap

This is a 72-minute motivational, practical and strategic video for artists to leverage who you are, where you are & what you have! Our focus is often on what we are not, where we wish we could be and what other people have that we don’t. In Closing the Gap, Sergio Gomez shares personal stories of becoming an artist/curator/gallery owner and cultivating one of the most vibrant art communities at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. His presentation focuses on transforming fears and obstacles into life-changing opportunities. The talk provides valuable information and resources artists can start using to close the gap towards their next level. Dr. Yanina Gomez shares the value and benefits of a like-minded support system.


• Photoshop Basics for Artists

This ten-video course is perfect for anyone wishing to learn how to effectively navigate in Photoshop and get things done. If you have Photoshop and do not know how to use it or want to learn how to manage layers, color corrections, combine images, and other basic tasks, then this course is for you. This course is geared towards the art community and will teach you how to edit your art images and create the most common marketing materials. Instructor: Sergio Gomez, MFA

• Enhance Your Studio and Gallery Pictures with Photoshop

Watch this 50-minute video tutorial and learn five amazing Photoshop tools and techniques to quickly and effectively enhance your studio or gallery pictures. Learn how to use Levels, Dodge, Burn, Heal and Transform to make an average image into a professional looking one. Instructor: Sergio Gomez, MFA


• Seven Steps to Creating a Killer Exhibition Proposal

In this 55-minute video course, Sergio Gomez, MFA will take you from the basic steps of initiating your research to the details of an exhibition synopsis page. These seven steps are proven facts that will help you design exhibition proposals with excitement and efficiency. Additionally, Sergio will give you practical advice on how to create essential supporting materials for your proposal. Do not miss Sergio’s Case Study towards the end of the video presentation.

• Everything You Must Know About Participating in an International Art Fair

This 70-minute course will help you prepare for successfully participating in an international art fair. Everything from expectations, marketing, preparation, installation, sales, and follow up, this course will take you through a step-by-step process to get the most out of your art fair experience. This is a must for anyone wishing to break into international art fair. Instructors: Sergio Gomez, MFA and Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

• Your Art Is Not For Everyone!

In this 22-minute video session Sergio Gomez explains why he believes your art is not for everyone. He talks about understanding your audience and how to leverage the feedback you get from positive responses.


• Creating an Artist Email Newsletter That Works

Do you currently have an email newsletter? If you do, are you using it effectively to bring attention to your artwork? If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for to communicate with your audience? In this 28-minute course, you will learn how to create an amazing email newsletter that gives results. Discover how to prepare your email campaign, content ideas, online platforms and best practices. Instructor: Sergio Gomez, MFA

• The Electronic Press Kit for Artists

Do you know what a DPK is and how you can use it to your benefit? Watch this 26-minute course and learn how to create and use an outstanding artist digital press kit. Have it available in your website. Use it to promote your work. Send to prospect collectors, gallery owners and curators. The digital press kit is an easy to create marketing tool you do not want to leave behind. Instructor: Sergio Gomez, MFA

• New Art Marketing Strategies That Work

In this 42-minute course, Sergio Gomez will teach you the latest marketing ideas that are working today. From social media, email marketing to website tools, artists need to be aware of the tools, resources and ideas they can use to maximize their art career. Because we are all limited on time, you have to focus on what works. Trying to do it all is not the best strategy. In an easy to follow style, Sergio will help you be on your way to marketing success. Instructor: Sergio Gomez, MFA

• How to Wow Your Art Collectors

In this 21-minute video, Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez share various ideas to help you wow your art collectors when they buy directly from your studio. From presentation, Certificates of Authenticity, delivery options, and more, find out ideas you can apply to your art practice. Wow your collectors the next time you sell work and watch them come back again.


• Creating Multiple Income Streams for Artists

In this 44-minute video, Sergio Gomez talks about numerous ways artists can create revenue from their artwork. From teaching, email marketing, special events, licensing, art fairs to crowd funding, the ability to create a sustainable art career depends on creating multiple income streams. In this course, you will learn various ways in which you can fun your art career. Instructor: Sergio Gomez, MFA

• 5 steps to Plan the Art Project You Always Wanted

In this 6-minute video, Sergio Gomez describes an easy to follow up plan to tackle your next big project.


• 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Artist Website Does not Suck (Periscope Replay)

In this 19-minute video Sergio goes over the re-designing of his own website and explains 5 practical ways to ensure you have an amazing website.

• Using SumoMe to Optimize Your Web Traffic and Grow Your Email List (Webinar Recording)

SumoMe offer a suite of tools to help you generate email subscriptions, shares, and much more. The best part is that most of the tools are free! Check it out


• Filtering Feedback with Dr. Yanina Gomez (Periscope Replay)

In this 19-minute Periscome video broadcast, Dr. Yanina Gomez talks about feedback and how to filter the good sources from the bad ones. A must watch video to keep things on perspective.

• Six Steps to Finding Great Mentors

In this 55-minute course, you will discover the necessary steps to find meaningful mentors for your art career. Discover the three mentor types every successful artist should have in his/her life. Sergio Gomez will give you practical advice to approach and learn from those you admire even when they seem inaccessible to you. Instructor: Sergio Gomez, MFA

• Strategic Planning for Creatives

In this 25-minute video course, learn from Sergio Gomez how to identify the personal obstacles that prevent us from doing what we want to do. This course will teach you how to undersnad and close the gap between where you are now and were you want to go. This course provides practical advice you can use to set your life on track to succeed. Instructor: Sergio Gomez, MFA

• Make the Best of Stress with Dr. Yanian Gomez

In this video, Dr. Yanina Gomez discusses best practices to make the best of stress.

• 5 Words of Advice for Art Educators to Manage a Productive Art Practice

In this 7-minute short talk, Sergio Gomez gives practical advice for educators to manage and keep a motivated art career.


• Q/A Sessions

Every month we discussed your questions via video. Check out the Q/A archive.

3. Topic Forums & Resources

The community includes forums for topics such as Accountability, Business Insights, Book Reviews and Wellness Infusion. The Art Resource provides links to shipping companies, printing, attorneys and other professionals in the field. The Documents section provides links to Press Kit samples, Business Plan Template and more.

4. Get Connected!

As an Art NXT Level Member, you are never alone. Well sort of. :) As a member, you have immediate access to our Facebook Hangout Private Group where we (Yanina and Sergio) encourage you, share ideas, post resources and do Live Video sessions exclusively for our members. Come and hang out with us! 

5. Monthly Q/A Sessions

Have questions that could benefit you and the community? No problem. Send them to us and every month we will video record a Q/A Sesssion anwering questions pertinent to wellness or the art career. The sessions not only provide immediate valuable answers but also create a database of common questions and answers for you to dig into.

6. Accountability

Accountability is an amazing motivator. It helps you achieve the goals you set for forward. Every Monday, we invite our member to post their weekly goals in the Accountability Forum. By doing so, you make yourself accountable to the group hence, we become your accountability partners. That means you are most likely to achieve your goals and support others doing the same. Additionally, it motivates you to see what others are working on that week. Accountability rocks!

7. Relational Capital

Staying connected with a community of like-minded artists is one of the benefits of the Art NXT Level Membership. In this community you will have an opportunity to meet and connect with artists from around the world. Currently, we have artists from Chicago, NYC, Germany, Canary Islands, Canada and more. It is time to grow your relational capital and purposely expand your network. There is power in community!

"The Art NXT Level Membership Community is an essential and invaluable platform for artists who are committed to taking the next step in their art career. It provides highly relevant information to connect, grow and share valuable knowledge. In the community, we (artists) are growing together in our personal career. I am based in Germany. As I work at national and international levels, the community is there for me to support my work progress, facilitate my business and generate detailed information. Being a member of this community has become an essential part of my daily international networking focus. And, it also saves me time and energy. 

To me, virtual networking in an artist-based community is a plus. It offers a modern way of connecting professionals together despite the location. This helps me achieve my weekly goals faster. Some of the benefits of belonging to the Art NXT Level Membership Community include digital support, marketing and business advice. It delivers a structure, provides a strategy and forms a new model of what an artist community should depict. We connect, grow and share personal knowledge at global, mutual and harmonious levels as we aim to succeed together. Yet, it is an inspiring group that’s becoming a role model for the next generation. I am pleased to be part of this modern and refreshing artist community." 

Petronilla Hohenwarter, Artist


How do you define success? It means so many things to so many people. However, the most important is how you define it. You may be looking to grow your art career, generate sales, work with a gallery, gain exposure and respect but do not know exactly where and how to start. 

I used to be in the same place many years ago. As a young artist, I wondered how I was going to make it without the money, the resources and the connections that seemingly others had. 

I had to create my own path out of my own failures along the way. Now, I am happy to share with you these life lessons.

In 2004, I opened my own art studio and started a gallery with other friends inside the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. At the time, it was an empty 80,000 sf facility recently acquired by the internationally acclaimed artists the Zhou Brothers. Over the years, the gallery grew and the empty building became a thriving community and an epicenter for contemporary art.  

Becoming the head curator and Director of Exhibitions for the art center has been a thrilled of its own. Working along side two of the most successful artists in the world, the Zhou Brothers, has given me an unparalleled close look at the inner workings of the art world. What I have learned and continue learning, I applied to my own career and to all the courses that we teach at the Art NXT Level. 

Nobody owns the path to success. You have to create your own. Let us help you get started.

Street Talk About Sergio Gomez

Quotes recently published at ACS Magazine July/August 2016 issue

“Sergio is generous, dedicated, sincere and inspiring. Sergio is a trusted voice in the art world; the quality of his studio work speaks for itself. His discerning eye makes him a highly sought-after curator. Sergio’s generosity, however, truly sets him apart. He is consistently willing to share his vast knowledge to help other artists succeed, and his advice is refreshingly sincere and honest. Sergio has an amazing ability to connect people; he has curated my work into several shows in the past few years, elevating my career and providing incredible networking opportunities. To know Sergio is one of the great privileges and joys of my life. To exhibit alongside him is an honor beyond comparison. His support and encouragement mean more than I can say".

Samantha Haring, artist

“Sergio Gomez is a present day iconoclast: successful artist, curator, instructor, and promoter. Other than his talent as an artist, perhaps his most important traits are his curiosity and empathy. I had the pleasure to meet and work with Sergio Gomez as we co-curated the Border Crossings exhibition for the 2014 Chicago Art Fair. With an impeccable work ethic, he generously shared his vast knowledge of the Chicago Latino art scene and continuously collaborated on cultural exchange between Mexico and Chicago.”

Margaret Failoni, independent international curator

“Sergio has enriched the Chicago metro area with his painting and his ability to organize, curate and share the gallery walls. He has exemplified the power of working collectively – in community and solidarity. By providing space and opportunity to come together, his philanthropic approach to creating art has advanced the Midwest community of working artists. His aspirations of building bridges between artists and cities across the globe have gained him the respect of his peers, as well as those who work in the cultural and humanities fields. Sergio is a writer and thinking artist who repeatedly looks beyond the canvas to recognize the necessity of the arts in our world. We are exceptionally fortunate to have him in Chicago! I am sure a younger generation of artists and artistic directors will reap some of the successful values and methods he has sown". 

Cesáreo Moreno, Visual Arts Director / Chief Curator National Museum of Mexican Art

"Sergio Gomez has played an important role in the development of the Zhou B Art Center. The Center started from nothing, bare bones to one of the most important art institutions and Sergio was instrumental in this development. He came in with a belief and the vision of what the Zhou B Art Center could and would be. He is the Director of exhibitions at the Zhou B Art Center and has curated hundreds of important shows, among them is the National Wet Paint MFA show and the Self Portrait show. He is a dedicated artist and sets an inspirational example for many young, aspiring and established artists through cultivation of his dedication, passion and love for art".

Zhou Brothers, internationally acclaimed artists

Let's work together to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

About Sergio Gomez, MFA

I'm a Chicago based visual artist and creative entrepreneur. I received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University. My work has been subject of solo exhibitions in the United States, Italy and Vienna. I have participated in numerous group exhibitions in Spain, Sweden, London, Mexico and the US. My work is found in private and public collections such as the National Museum of Mexican Art, Brauer Art Museum, and the MIIT Museo Internazionale Italia Arte among others.

In addition to being the co-founder of Art NXT Level, I'm also the owner & director of 33 Contemporary Gallery, director of exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center, contributor for Italia Arte Magazine, creative consultant for Idea Seat Marketing and Advertising. I have also curated special projects for the Chicago Park District, ArtSpot Miami International Art Fair during Art Basel Week (2013, 2014), National Museum of Mexican Art, and ExpoChicago (2014) among others. 


About A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

I am the co-founder of Art NXT Level. In 2009, I obtained my Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in Educational Psychology. Before founding Art NXT Level, I practiced as a school psychologist for 12 years and taught courses in higher-education institutions in the areas of psychology, counseling and evaluations. I was also a gallerist for 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago. Throughout the years, I have observed how art has the potential to affect the emotions, psychological states and mood of people. Similarly, through numerous conversations with artists, I have witnessed how art making can be used as a tool to ease one's tensions, release anxieties, as well as, a powerful and influential way to share the artist's voice with the world.

My insight and understanding of the psycho-emotional issues many artists experience has given me the opportunity to identify practical resources artists may benefit from when dealing with their art careers in a healthier manner. I believe that artists who maintain an optimal wholeness balance (Mind, Body, Soul) will be ahead of the game. I enjoy developing seminars, programs and resources that are relevant to the thriving contemporary artist especially brainstorming with artists about their career development and emotional wellness. I am a wife and mother of two amazing children. Finally, I am the founder of Fabulously Driven Me, an online-based mindset and emotional wellness support platform for today's women entrepreneurs, self-employed and in a career transition.


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What is included in the membership?

Full access to our dedicated website with over 100 hours of training videos you can watch at your leisure on everything from marketing, email campaigns, Photoshop, mentors, selling, and much more. You will have direct contact with other like-minded artists who are on their path to their next level as well. No one is there just for the fun of it. Additionally, you have direct access to Dr. Yanina and I through the internal message system in the community so you can ask questions and advice as you face decisions and create goals for your own career. Lastly, you also get access to our Facebook Members Only hangout page. 

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We get it, running an art career is a busy lifestyle and you do not want to add yet another thing. For this reason, you choose how much time you put into it. Additionally, the whole purpose of this platform is to help you save time while reaching your next level. Be effective, save time, have focus, create a strategy and reach your artistic goals.

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We love to work with artists at all levels inside the membership community as long as they are committed to see their career grow and succeed. If you are an emerging artist, you will find inspiration and tons of learning opportunities. If you are established, you will benefit from the more in-depth strategic topics to figure out what is next for you.

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